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Customer Care Service Skills


3 day visit plus travel and preparation


Up to 8 people.


All LHT course modules are normally based on a minimum of three days depending on the specific requirements of the individual hotel.

The LHT training modules are suitable for up to eight (8) candidates per trainer*, in mixed training situations: one to one, or the training room, or in groups (working with hotel rotas – splitting morning and afternoon sessions).

*The numbers of delegates and additional trainers can be discussed when creating the specific training module.

Enhance your knowledge of delivering great customer service, creating a positive environment which builds to develop more indepth understanding of customer behaviours and responses. The modules will give you some great ideas, are interactive and deliver SLH best practice standards.

The LHT Customer Care modules are designed for all staff that come into direct contact with the hotel guests, including: receptionists, telephonists, concierge, guest services, porters, waiters, barmen, room service, room attendants and maintenance employees.

The Guest

Putting People First – “ customer is king”

  • What “luxury” customer service means
  • What good customer service looks like
  • Perception is Reality – “You only get one chance, what you see is what you get”

SLH Members

Recognising the SLH Club member

  • Special member preferences
  • The importance of club tier levels
  • Using the customer`s name – natural manner
  • Repeat guests

Personal Grooming

Hotel and uniform SOP`s

Attitude & Behaviour

  • Etiquette and methods of address (adapted to the country of origin)
  • Body language and anticipation


  • Telephone techniques
    • Answering (5 rings)
    • Talking – clear and precise
    • Smiling at the telephone
    • The pre-amble / greeting – hotel and staff member name
    • Use of the customer’s name
    • Asking for the sale
  • Communicating in writing – clear, accurate and professional
  • Up-selling skills – Dinner & spa reservations

Complaint Handling

  • Verbal and in writing
  • Understanding the complaint
  • Retribution
  • Empowerment

Analysis of systems and tools

  • Does the system work?
  • Do the staff have the tools and training to do the job?
  • Do the standards work; are the current SOP’s adequate and understandable?

Module Wash-Up

  • This is to review and set clear goals, objectives and time lines to improving performance.
  • LHT will produce a report and will provide all supporting documentation (SOP`s).
  • LHT will provide a certificate of achievement for the trainees / delegates at the end of each training module.

All LHT training modules can be tailored to meet a client`s specific needs or requirements.