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Food & Beverage Sales Skills


1,2, 3 or 4 days. On site.


Up to 8 people.


Qualities of a Good Salesperson

LHT identifies what makes a good salesperson and addresses how attitude, behaviour and good product knowledge can influence sales.

Image and personal grooming are also discussed and employee standards are covered (SOP).

The Guest Journey

LHT deals with the various sales opportunities within food and beverage and throughout the hotel.

“Why we need to sell”

LHT uses actual hotel figures on the guest average spend in each department and the effect that increasing sales has on the department’s and hotel’s revenues and profit conversion.

Selling Techniques

Outlines the various sales methods (i.e. up-selling, cross-selling, promotion) that can be implemented and used on a daily basis.

Module Wash-Up

This is to review and set clear goals, objectives and time lines to improving sales conversion.

LHT will produce a report and will provide all supporting documents (SOP`s).

LHT will provide certificate of achievement for the delegates / trainees at the end of each training module.