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Food & Beverage Service Skills


1,2, 3 or 4 days. On site.


Up to 8 people.


This is a practical “on the job training” module aimed at waiting / service staff in the hotel restaurant, bar, lounge and room service departments. It could also include supervisory staff but is not designed for the hotel management or executive level personnel.

The LHT food & beverage skills module can be divided into various sessions and areas: depending on the needs of the individual property.

The atmosphere will be relaxed and conducive to learning. Actual hotel menus, wine lists and drinks lists are used. A standards of performance (SOP`s) will be created to support all elements of the training documentation and will be issued at the end of the module.

In order to assist the hotel management and to ensure that the skills gained during the training are taken back into the workplace, a full LHT report with objectives will be issued at the end of the training module.

This will indicate the agree the planned improvements, time frames and will be supported by SOP`s and any relevant documentation. A LHT certificate of achievement will then be issued to the employees at the end of each module.

Module Objectives

To start the module the overall objective of the course are outlined, and that by the end of the day or course the delegates will be able to demonstrate their understanding of luxury standards, processes and interactions in food and beverage and how they benefit the employee, the guest and the hotel.

Restaurant Service (Lunch & dinner)

This session LHT discuss / review the standards relating to restaurant service, with an emphasis on those standards or service elements most commonly missed, why the standards are important, best practice (SOP) and what was achieved in the previous SLH Quality Assurance Mystery Inspection.

Bar, Drinks & Lounge Service (Drinks, snacks & afternoon tea service)

This session LHT discuss the standards relating to serving guests in the bar and lounge and we touch on light meals service.

We emphasise the standards most commonly missed, why they are important, best practice and what was achieved in the previous SLH Quality Assurance audit.

Room Service / In-Room Dining

LHT will review discuss / review the standards relating to the in room dining offer. The use of actual room service orders from previous quality audits provides realistic case studies and examples of best practice.

Breakfast Service

LHT will review / discuss the standards relating to breakfast buffet and a la carte service, with the importance of breakfast to the guest overall experience emphasised.

Module Wash-Up

This is to review and set clear goals, objectives and time lines to improving performance.

LHT will produce a report and will provide all supporting documents (SOP`s).

LHT will provide certificate of achievement for the delegates / trainees at the end of each training module.

All LHT training modules are based on the standards outlined in the SLH Mystery Inspection Programme.