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Housekeeping Skills


3 day visit plus travel and preparation


Up to 8 people.


The LHT Housekeeping skills modules are designed for all housekeeping staff, maids and housekeepers that come into direct contact with the hotel guests.

Skills Modules include:

Operational Management

  • Arrival rooms
  • VIP & SLH Club member listing
  • Organisation and Operation management of arrivals and departures lists
  • Regulars
  • Guest history
  • Evening turn downs
  • Special needs and / or SLH member preferences (Gluten free, shampoo/ toiletries, linens, pillows, F&B etc.)

VIP Guests & Luxury Service Standards

  • Delivery (and regular upkeep) of fruit, wine, canapés and chocolates (examples) in line with hotel’s policy and standard of performance
  • SLH Club membership tiers and preferences
  • SLH bedroom and bathroom inspection standards
  • Turn down standards – signature amenity
  • Stayover service
  • Temperature controls
  • Requested items – telephone answering, staff interaction and delivery standards
  • Staff grooming and behaviour

Systematic Cleaning Schedules

Bedrooms, public areas, bathroom, night cleaning, back of house, deep and regular cleaning.

Cleaning Skills

Artefacts, artwork, special surfaces, silver and crystal cleaning, Brass and wood cleaning, polishing antique furniture (Beeswax) soft furnishings carpets and rugs. Specialist cleaning. Handling spillages.

Linen & Laundry

  • Par stock management, bed making, bathroom towel layout, HMC storage and management, Laundry/ Linen room procedures.
  • Organisation and control of toiletries and amenities including layout. Hotel collateral, housekeeper’s special supplies.
  • Bedroom protocol: – How to enter a bedroom, Don’t Touch, leave as you find it, tidy as the guest requires.
  • Personal Laundry protocol, collection and delivery, control delivery standard (when to hang and put away and when to leave out.
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Mini bar management including top ups, ice delivery, charging
  • Tea, coffee making facilities / standards
  • Eye for detail
  • Cooperation with other departments
  • Finishing touches links with VIP management.

Valet Management

  • Shoe cleaning
  • Pressing, hand washing, when and how to collect and deliver how to set up a wardrobe
  • Links with personal laundry

Room Service

  • Service standards
  • Delivery, clearing and collection

Module Wash-Up

  • This is to review and set clear goals, objectives and time lines to improving performance.
  • LHT will produce a report and will provide all supporting documentation (SOP`s).
  • LHT will provide certificate of achievement for the delegates / trainees at the end of each training module.

All training modules are based on the standards outlined in the SLH Mystery Inspection Programme.