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Reservation Skills


4 day visit plus travel and preparation


Up to 8 people.


The LHT reservations training modules are designed for all staff that come into direct contact with the hotel guest reservations, including: receptionists, telephonists, and reservation agents.

Modules will cover:

Standards of performance

  • LHT would review and discuss current reservation standards and procedures in order that the hotel trainees understand their importance and overall impact on the guest experience.

Telephone Techniques

  • Voice Skills – includes a discussion on the barriers to communication, with delegates being asked to identify which aspects are in their control and which are not.
  • Telephone techniques
    • Answering (5 rings)
    • Talking – clear and precise (language skills)
    • Smiling on the telephone
    • The pre-amble / greeting – hotel and staff member name
    • Use of the customer`s name
    • Closing the call
  • Communicating in writing – clear, accurate and professionalo Within 24 hours

Effective Sales Techniques

Basic sales skills including up selling, suggestive selling, cross selling

  • Other hotel services like – dinner & spa reservations
  • Tailoring to the customer need
  • Asking for the sale
  • Demonstrate Product knowledge
  • Question techniques (i.e. open vs. closed questions)

Reservations Processes & Systems

Analysing the booking process into its various modules:

  • Client profiling
  • Selling techniques
  • Value added extras
  • Confirmation templates
  • Pre-arrival & post departure communications

Module Wash-Up

  • This is to review and set clear goals, objectives and time lines to improving performance.
  • LHT will produce a report and will provide all supporting documentation (SOP`s).
  • LHT will provide a certificate of achievement for the trainees / delegates at the end of each training module.

All LHT training modules can be tailored to meet a client`s specific needs or requirements.

All LHT training modules are based on the standards outlined in the SLH Mystery Inspection Programme 2016