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Sales Development and Account Management


3 days. On site.


Up to 8 people.


The LHT skills modules are designed for all revenue, sales and business development that have responsibility and / or objectives for revenue stream growth and sales conversion.

LHT course modules are available from one day onwards depending on the specific requirements of the individual hotel and / or the results from LHT Business Reviews.

The LHT training modules are suitable for up to eight (8) candidates*, in mixed on the job training situations: one to one, or the training room, or in groups (working with hotel rotas – splitting morning and afternoon sessions).

*The numbers of attendees / delegates can be discussed when creating the specific training module.

LHT would recommend that the hotel conducts a business review in advance of any training, to ensure that the module is tailored to meet the hotels specific business or account development requirements.


To utilise best practise and to focus all energy and skills on the systematic processes required in maximising sales growth from their existing and prospect client base.


By the end of this training programme you will be able to:

  • Understand the value and be able to continually develop knowledge of your client base.
  • Utilise essential account development skills for:
    • Business Development
    • Mining Information
    • Research and Strategic Development
    • Getting Appointments with Key Decision Makers
    • Structuring proactive sales meetings
    • Getting commitment from clients
  • Utilise business analysis processes to assess account potential.
  • Develop effective strategies to effectively grow and maximise sales

Account Development in Action

G – Goal setting
R – Reality Checking
O – Option Prioritising
W – Who, What, Where & When?


The most important factor to have in mind when developing your accounts and relationships is what value they present in terms of opportunities. It is common to see account managers spending considerable amounts of time laying out the foundations for account production, after which they are disappointed when the account has produced very little.

This is often because, for production to happen at the agreed levels a substantial amount of communication and knowledge transfer needs to happen on the clients behalf. It is one thing to have rate agreements in place but if the people booking are not aware of the new agreement, have no access to the rates or simply want to change from their existing supplier, they will not book.

There are many ways to test a client’s commitment but it is important not to invest too much time developing a relationship unless you have some tangible evidence that the rewards are there.

Keeping a log of the time invested at the start (Client profile) of a client relationship will in time prove to be useful guideline in how long production should take.